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Global Distributors Wanted !!!

T&E has grown to be known as the leading body kit manufacturer in Japan by constantly setting the trends with its own unique approach to the sleek design.
The strength in our success comes from T&E’s company value to never compromise anything to achieve the best possible design. We hold our highest value not in the illustrations on paper, but purely on the detailed analysis of the 3D shape seen from the eyes of human beings.
T&E owns many prominent brands, which includes the world famous VERTEX brand sold all over the U.S., U.K., and rest of the world. The specific design concept behind each of our brands creates the sophisticated body kit design without spoiling the original design of cars. The excellence in design combined with our pride to produce the highest quality products has gained prestigious reputation not only in Japan, but also from customers all over the world.
In the recent years, T&E has been aware of the fact that there are increasing number of dealers who are interested in establishing business partnership with us, and we are now ready to officially recruit “The World Distributor.” This is because as the Japanese body kit manufacturer, we felt that it is our duty to deliver the highest quality products safely to our global customers.
We are looking for the opportunity to partner with dealers who can share the same values, spirits, and visions as ours at T&E.

Please e-mail us if your company is interested in obtaining the license to become our business partner.
Thank you very much.

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